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Mineral Water Bottle Making Blowing Machine

SHOP NOW Fully automatic cheap price low prices stretch extrusion 1 liter small pet plastic mineral water bottle making blowing machine 1 – 2 SetsUS$90,000.00 >=3 SetsUS$85,000.00

Commercial refrigerator 1000L freezer

SHOP NOW 1-4 SetsUS$1,300.00 >=5 SetsUS$1,200.00 Commercial refrigerator 1000L freezer fridge in kitchen equipment Our commercial refrigerator 1000L freezer fridge is hot use for food  storage in busy kitchen. Sepcifications:  Model No. VARF865L2H Cooling model…

Electric Ice Cream Cart

SHOP NOW 1-4 SetsUS$4,000.00 >=5 SetsUS$3,700.00 Product Description Most popular ice cream trailer mobile food van  Specifications Ice cream freezer cart with -20 degrees  Many color & design to choose for customized cart. Stainless steel pan…

kitchen Freezers Refrigerator

SHOP NOW 1-4 SetsUS$560.00 >=5 SetsUS$500.00 stainless steel kitchen freezers refrigerator frozen four-door upright freezer factory produced Freezer:  1. The cooling method of the four-door refrigerator is to cool down the back wall of the…

Cake Display Showcase Fridge

SHOP NOW US$350.00 / Set | 1 Set (Min. Order)

Flower Display Cooler Refrigerator

SHOP NOW 1-5 PiecesUS$1,740.00 >=6 PiecesUS$1,700.00 High Quality Super Market Flower display cooler refrigerator Fresh Keeping refrigeration Product Description High permeability  glass flower shop display refrigerator chiller cooler 1.World famous Danfoss brand compressor,high efficiency,energy saving…

Bakery Cake Refrigerator

SHOP NOW 1-4 SetsUS$1,650.00 >=5 SetsUS$680.00

Refridgator Beer Fridge

SHOP NOW 5-9 SetsUS$135.00 >=10 SetsUS$123.00

Pizza Prep Table Stainless Under Counter Fridge

SHOP NOW 1-9 SetsUS$900.00 >=10 SetsUS$850.00 Product Description1. Fashion Stype, Elegant Design 2. Absolutely zero noise operation, environmental protection and energy-saving. 3. Precise electronical temperature control, small temperature fluctuation, With lights. 4. stainless steel type…

Refrigerator Showcase Fridge For Restaurant

SHOP NOW 1-9 PiecesUS$1,598.00 10-23 PiecesUS$1,420.00 24-53 PiecesUS$1,298.00 >=54 PiecesUS$1,242.00

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